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We distribute child safety kits in two primary ways:

1.) Selling the child safety kits outright to day care centers, preschools, and public and private schools.


2.) Providing the child safety kits at no cost to day centers, preschools, and public and private schools, after a local, community-minded business sponsors the cost of the kits.

Of course, both of the above options have their advantages and disadvantages.  Specifically, most day care centers, preschools, and schools have highly restricted budgets that make it difficult to fund the cost of our child safety kits.  On the other hand, it can sometimes take a bit longer to receive the child safety kits when it becomes necessary to secure a sponsor to fund the cost of the kits.

To help address these potential challenges, we have kept the cost of our kits as affordable as possible, so that schools, even with the tightest budgets, will find it more feasible to purchase our kits for their children.  Additionally, when a school or day care center elects to have the kits sponsored by a local business, we work diligently to secure an appropriate sponsor for the distributing school or day care center.  We actively reach out to businesses in the community, whose products and services are geared towards children.  Specifically, we will often invite Pediatricians, Dentists, children's clothing stores, and other businesses that cater to children and families, to sponsor the kits.

If you are a business owner who would like to sponsor a child safety program or you're considering sponsoring a program, we're confident that you will find your participation to be an extremely fulfilling and smart business decision.
Child Safety Help coordinates the distribution of child safety kits by working with day care centers, preschools, and public and private schools.  To learn more about how we coordinate these programs, please visit our Programs page on this website.

We are firmly committed to providing children and families with the information and tools that they need to stay educated, informed, and prepared.  While we recognize that there is no guaranteed way to prevent an emergency, we believe that the child safety kits that we distribute, with the help of schools and day care centers, can help to greatly reduce the risks that many families fall victim to each day.  The kits that we help to distribute allow families to take a proactive role in educating their children, while properly preparing for an emergency.

The kits that we help to distribute are presently used by thousands of law enforcement and government agencies throughout the country, including the NYPD, the US National Coast Guard, and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

While we do not advise families to use a fear-based approach when it comes to educating their children, we do encourage families to speak with their children in a way that they can understand, without overwhelming them.  The child safety kits that we distribute include safety tips that help parents to share important information with their children in a responsible, informed way.

If you would like to receive a child safety kit for your child, we encourage you to contact the director or principal of your child's school or day care center, and share our company's information with them.  In many cases, we are able to coordinate these programs in a way that enables schools and day care centers to receive our child safety kits at no cost.

Please refer to our Contact Us page and our Programs page, on this blog, for more information.

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